About Lethubuntu

Vision and Mission Statement
Lethubuntu’s vision is to contribute meaningfully to the future of South African workforces through provisioning of quality, practical and current skills development programmes.

Ensure confidence and independence of both E&T practitioners and leaners by continuously improving their skills through development/training

Provide needs related training that yields dividends benefiting learners in their working as well community environment.

The stated objectives will only be realized if the following mandates are fully satisfied.

Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHS Act)
South African Qualifications Authority Act (SAQA Act)
Skills Development Act (SD Act)
Skills Development Levies Act (DSL Act)

The compliance to all HWETQA is the key to achieve of all quality training.

Policy Statement

Corporate Governance

Lethubuntu is committed to the basic principles of good corporate governance as set below:

Adhere to behave that is universally regognised and accepted as correct and proper.

To be accessible and available to supply accurate and timely information regards the institutions and its operations.

Decision makers to honor the responsibility that is relative to the task

The rights of all stakeholders are acknowledged and respected.

Lethubuntu health care services was born in 1976, out of the practical expose to the psychiatric illness, most of them being caused by the stressful situations they were exposed to and never got the relevant support systems, they then break down to serious situations which could have been avoided by interventions.

After obtaining a qualification in psychiatric nursing (1998) I dedicated myself to the community work

In 1985 I started a day care centre for the mental disabilities, under the umbrella of the South African Red Cross society; I stated with 5 children operating in the Methodist church in Tsakane Brakpan. In 1987 the centre was registered with the department of education, the site for the school was allocated; build with the help of sponsors.

In 1988 the centre was handed over to the community, catering for moderate mental disabilities

TRAINING: the training of the care givers to be able to train the life skill to the receiver of the service “moderate mental handicapped services; workshops opened for them to make a living out their handwork

COUNSELLING: Psycho social support to the relatives to cope with the situation. The centre was officially launched in 1988 April named Matsidiso day care centre, MRS Florence Matona being the “founder member”.

IN 1989 JUNE I joined Sam Michelle home for the mental disabled, specifically to train the staff on care and training of the mentally disabled, I further started training auxiliary nursing to their staff to cope with medical problems of their clients and applied for the license of training from the South African nursing council

In October 1994 I joined Gauteng provincial government, duties as staff development. In 1999 I was seconded to the provincial office to co-ordinate the adult –basic Education and training projects in the East Rand region, in the line with the national legislative requirements. The recipients of the project got promotions in different fields and started careers.

In 2005: Actual registration of the LETHUBUNTU health care services, description of name being that: LETHU-BUNTU, means bring humanity to the people. At a certain stage in life one needs humanity support from others in one form or other.


Africans have this thing called UBUNTU it is about the essence of being human it is part of gift that Africa will give the world it embraces hospitality, caring about others being able to go the extra mile for the sake of others we believe a person is a person through other person that my humanity is caught up bound up and inextricable in yours the essence of caring lies in the humanity “UBUNTU”

Lethubuntu health care services takes services to the people. “mobile training where necessary

Lethubuntu was granted full accreditation by the health workers SETA to conduct training.

Accreditation No: HW591PA0905226 / HW591A1006140

Courses Rendered:
» Provide accurate information of level 1 about Tuberculosis and DOTS
» Assist in the establishment of body nutrition NQF Level One
» Support clients receiving Anti-retro-viral treatment NQF Level One
» First Aid in the workplace NQF Level One
» Fire Prevention in the workplace

Ancillary health care 6 months course
Home based care course 4 months course

Employee wellness programmes/Employee Assistance programmes: fissional Lethubuntu’s EWPs offer employees access to a professional counseling service on a confidential basis.

It provides information and advice on wide variety of practical matters, by planning a frontline role in helping staff identify and tackle personal or work related problems and difficulties, the aim is to minimize disruptions to an employee’s job performance.

We uniquely tie our HIV care counseling services to the employee wellness programmes