Lethubuntu 2 Health Care Services and Training

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Providing quality Home based care services & education to South African based health professionals

Lethubuntu’s integrated home based care programme.

Lethubuntu installs home based care projects in conjunction with key role players in the health care profession. We compile a community profile to establish the needs, resources and networks in a specific community prior to project installations and capacity building.

Lethubuntu health care services was born in 1976, out of the practical expose to the psychiatric illness, most of them being caused by the stressful situations they were exposed to and never got the relevant support systems, they then break down to serious situations which could have been avoided by interventions.


Lethubuntu’s vision is to contribute meaningfully to the future of South African workforces through provisioning of quality, practical and current skills development programmes.


Home Based Health CareEnsure confidence and independence of both E&T practitioners and leaners by continuously improving their skills through development/training

Provide needs related training that yields dividends benefiting learners in their working as well community environment.


Lethubuntu is committed to the basic principles of good corporate governance.