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Lethubuntu’s integrated home based care programme.
Lethubuntu installs home based care projects in conjunction with key role players in the health care profession. We compile a community profile to establish the needs, resources and networks in a specific community prior to project installations and capacity building.

For a home-based care programme to be success we believe that consultation with communities affect is of utmost importance. We collaborate with people living with HIV/AIDS and their families because they are people directly affected by the programme.

Home based care programme installation on approach.

• We establish a dedicated management team and appoint a programme coordinator

• We recruit community care givers and volunteers from affected communities and teams.

• We allocate community care givers to specific areas and appoint a mentor (preferably a professional person) to supervise their work and to support them emotionally.

• We advise an HIV/AIDS programme that runs in-currently with the home based care programme in the community to obtain the understanding, appreciation and support of the community for the home based care programme.

• To ensure that all health care services in the community know about the home based programme.

• We establish a care network and referral policies between service providers. We link it up with a social welfare service to provide poverty relief where necessary to AIDS patients and their families.

• Establish policies for the functioning of the home based care service such as job descriptions for community caregiver’s conditions of service, financial policy, policy on confidentiality and disclosures, and care policies e.g, guidelines for dealing with specific symptoms

• Establish procedures on how to recruit patients, how often to visit them, how to visit them, and how to prioritize work in the face of overwhelming demand.

We broadly inform local government and health departments and social services on a wide variety of issues on the subject

Accreditation and memberships
The organization founder member/s are affiliated to the following professional organizations

» The South African Nursing Council
» Board of Health funders
» The Health and Welfare sector Education and Training Authority


The organization has private partners and accredited service providers.
With whom it has non-disclose agreements and conditions.

Organization compliances
» The organization complies with FF legislative book
» Basic conditions of employment Act
» Skills Development Act
» Employment equity act
» Labour relations Act etc.