Community Health Care NQF Level 4

Course Duration 1 Academic Year

Community Health:
» Assist in facilitating primary healthcare projects within the community
» Assist with planning and implementing advocacy campaigns for primary healthcare;
» Plan and promote nutritional programs to improve health;
» Educate and work with the community with regards to sexually transmitted infections, Human Immune Virus HIV/Aids education and counseling, medication adherence
» Conduct Health Education Sessions

Community Development:
» Conduct a basic Community Needs assessment;
» Design training plans to enhance important Skills;
» Develop and implement community based Rehabilitation programs;
» Apply palliative care principles and management;
» Support children and family to manage life threatening diseases
» Provide care and support to elderly persons;
» Educate and support parents in child care;
» Identify and support the abused child;
» Support clients receiving Anti Retro Viral Treatment

Workplace Skills:
Implementing of Occupational Health, Safety and environmental legislation in the workplace;
Conduct an Audit in terms of the Health and Safety Compliance in the workplace.

Carry out First Aid in the workplace
Fire Safety and evacuation in the workplace.

Communication Skills
» Use language and communication in occupational leaning programs
» Plan Meetings
» Compile the agenda for the meeting
» Conduct research in the workplace
» Analyze research findings
» Document findings/report writing.